The district offers each employee with a group insurance plan. Van ISD participates in TRS-ActiveCare. This is a comprehensive health care and prescription drug program.  The state and district contribute $250.00 monthly toward the premium per employee. There are three (3) plans offered by TRS-ActiveCare. Premiums vary; depending on which plan is selected. For an overview of the plans, you can visit the TRS website. All employees have the option of selecting any or all of the following supplement benefits: cancer plans, disability plans, life insurance plans, annuity plans, medical reimbursement plans. The employee has the option to participate in the “Cafeteria Plan” (authorized by the Internal Revenue Code), which allows monthly premiums to be deducted from his/her pay before taxes.

    Medical Benefits – TRS-ActiveCare
    Varies depending on the plan chosen, see the TRS website.

    Dental, Vision and Supplemental Benefit Plans
    Dental: Lincoln Insurance pays out claims at 100%, 80% or 50% of the usual and customary dental charge for employees and/or dependents. Maximum calendar year benefit per person is $1,000. Dental insurance is an eligible Section 125/Cafeteria Plan. 

    Vision: Superior Vision offers care to employees and/or their dependents. Coverage is available at Participating Providers as well as Non-Participating Providers after applicable co-payments are fulfilled.

    Supplemental Benefit Plans: Please visit our third party administrator's website - Gentry Financial Group.

    Life Insurance Benefits
    A life insurance policy in the amount of $10,000 is provided at no cost to the employee.

    403(b) Retirement Plan
    You have the opportunity to save for retirement by participating in your Employer's 403(b) retirement plan. If there are any questions, you may contact the Plan's administrator, The OMNI Group, at 877-544-6664. You can access further information at www.omni403b.com.


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