• Illness & Injury Protocol

    At Van ISD, we strive to provide an environment that is conducive to learning for all students and staff. Some communicable diseases or conditions may warrant exclusion from school to avoid exposing other students. If your student exhibits any of the following symptoms, please keep your child home until they are free of symptoms and have been treated. These procedures are in place to assist in keeping our students and staff healthy and safe and prevent the spread of illness within our schools. Do not send ill or injured students to school to be diagnosed by school personnel.

    Conditions requiring exclusion from school include:

    • Fever of 100.4° or more. If a student has fever, they must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school (this means without the use of fever reducing medication).
    • Vomiting or has vomited during the night. A student must not come to school if vomiting 2 or more times in 24 hours. A student should have 1 or 2 meals without vomiting before returning to school.
    • Diarrhea. If a student has diarrhea, they must be diarrhea free for 24 hours before returning to school (this means without the use of diarrhea suppressing medication). Diarrhea is 3 or more episodes of loose stools in a 24 hour period.
    • Contagious diseases or infestations including but not limited to scabies, impetigo, ringworm, conjunctivitis, lice and varicella.
    • Rash or skin infection other than poison ivy.
    • Open, itchy or draining lesions.
    • Red, itchy, draining eyes.
    • Suffering from a reportable disease as defined by the Texas Board of Health.

    During the school day, if a student becomes too ill to remain at school or is seriously injured, reasonable effort will be made to contact parents or guardians. If a sudden, possibly lifethreatening condition should occur, immediate safety of the student is the school’s first concern. Ambulance transportation to a hospital will be arranged. Parents will be contacted as soon as possible. Please be sure to notify the school nurse of any change in your child’s health during the year such as allergies, medication taken daily at home, or health problems that we should be aware of for his/her safety and well-being. Food allergies requiring dietary restrictions or that require medical treatment also need to be documented.