• Vision and Hearing Screening

    • Vision and Hearing screenings are given to students who are four years of age by September the first. All Kindergartners, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th graders must be screened. Students new into Van ISD, 4 years through the 12th grade are screened. Also, students who are referred by a parent, teacher or counselor are screened. If further evaluation is required a referral letter will be sent home along with the testing results. Please take the referral with you for the examination and ask your vision/hearing specialist to complete it. Please return the report to your school nurse as soon as possible. The School Nurse is required to keep those results in your child's health record.

     Spinal Screening

    • The Texas Legislature has mandated all children in grades 6 and 9, (schools may adopt programs to screen grades 5 and 8 instead of 6 and 9) to be screened for signs of scoliosis (spinal curvature). Van ISD has chosen to screen students in grades 5 and 8. Parents will be notified if the screening test indicates need for medical follow-up. Visit the National Institute for Health FAQ Web Site for more information regarding scoliosis.


    • Elementary students grades 3rd-5th will also have height and weight assessment through the PE department as part of the state mandated Fitnessgram. The primary goal of this program is to promote regular physical activity among all youth. Of particular importance is promoting activity patterns that lead to reduced health risk and improved health-related physical fitness.