• Faculty & Staff Hall of Fame

    Goal – Establish written criteria and by-laws that will provide the framework for identifying and selecting deserving recipients into the Van ISD Faculty and Staff Hall of Fame in order to protect the integrity of this very prestigious honor.

    Selection Committee Representatives

    The Selection Committee will consist of at least one graduate of Van High School from every preceding decade. (i.e., 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc.)
    No Van High School graduate from the current decade may serve on the selection committee.
    The selection committee shall consist of fourteen (14) members. Members include the President of the Van ISD Board of Trustees who will also serve as the President of the Selection Committee, one Van ISD administrator that will be appointed by the Superintendent of Schools, and twelve (12) graduates of Van High School from every preceding decade (i.e. 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc.).
    The Superintendent of Schools will be the facilitator for the Selection Committee but will not have a vote in the selection process.
    Selection Committee members shall be elected for a term of three (3) years. Said term will begin August 1 and end on July 31 of the third year.
    Each Committee member will serve until a successor has been selected.
    At the annual meeting in July of 2020, one-third of the committee members will rotate off the committee. Each year thereafter, one-third of the board will be rotated off the committee.

    Criteria to be Considered by the Selection Committee

    Must be a former Van ISD faculty or staff member who is retired or deceased.
    A minimum of ten (10) years of service with Van ISD is desired.
    Outstanding career as a faculty or staff member who had a direct and significant impact on students and the community.
    Former Van ISD faculty or staff member becomes eligible for nomination to the Van ISD Faculty/Staff Hall of Fame five years after retirement or death.

    Selection Process

    Nominations will be accepted at a specified time each year.
    The nominator must include his/her name, address, telephone number, and an explanation of why their nominee should be honored.
    Nominator cannot nominate relative of the immediate family. (i.e., spouse, children, parent)
    The Selection Committee will receive, via email, all new nomination forms along with those not selected from previous years’ nominations.
    The Selection Committee will obtain information on the finalists from the person that has been nominated, the person that is the nominator, or any other source that may provide credible and accurate information.
    The Selection Committee will meet to review all nominations, narrow the list of nominees to be considered for selection to a number not to exceed fifteen (15), and make the final selection of Hall of Fame recipients to a number not to exceed six (6).
    The Selection Committee Members will cast a secret ballot to narrow the list of nominees to be considered. The Selection Committee Members will vote for three (3) faculty/staff members from the nomination list and rate them 1, 2, or 3. The faculty/staff member that is ranked 1 will receive three points, ranked 2 will receive two points, and ranked 3 will receive one point. A list will be compiled in descending order by total points. The Superintendent’s Executive Secretary and a witness will tabulate the ballots. They will sign a form indicating participation in the ballot counting process.
    The Selection Committee will then follow the same secret ballot format to determine the Faculty/Staff Hall of Fame recipient(s).
    A Selection Committee Member shall abstain from voting if immediate family member is nominated.
    The Selection Committee reserves the right to not select a recipient every year.


    A picture of the recipient of the Van ISD Faculty/Staff Hall of Fame will be displayed on the Van ISD campus of their choice.
    A banquet will be held in the spring honoring the Hall of Fame recipients.  The recipients will also be recognized at a Vandal football game the following season.
    Recognition with the name of the recipient will be placed on a perpetual plaque to be displayed in the Administration Building on the Wall of Fame.