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Ms. Janice Mulford

Welcome to Van Intermediate School!  We are very excited about this year and look forward to helping your child perform to their full potential.  Please contact me if your child needs any extra support with academics, social situations, or any other problem they might be having.  The most important part of my job is to help kids in any way possible.

Beginning a new school year is a great time to look at our home routines.  Parents and guardians play such an important role in their child’s attitudes about school.  Make education a priority in your home by developing and being consistent about homework routines, preparing for the next day, bedtimes, and reading together.  Model to your child the importance of being a lifetime learner by showing your child that you continue to enjoy reading and learning new things.  Make time to talk with your child each evening about their school day, both the ups and downs.  Encourage them to believe in themselves and never give up. 

Promoting college readiness is a major emphasis in our school district.  Our campus is a member of the nationwide “No Excuses University”.  Our motto is “After High School Comes College!”  We hope you will join us in encouraging all students to set high expectations and be prepared for college, even if they choose a different career path when they are in high school.

Parents are always welcome at our school.  Please let us know if you would have time to be a parent volunteer.  Teachers always love to have some extra help in the classroom.  We welcome you to come to our Rallies, as well as eat lunch with your child when you can.  Research shows that children perform better at school when their parents are involved in school activities.  Parents are a crucial part of our team, and all of us need to do our part to help raise these precious children into successful adults.

Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.