We are a NEU Campus!

    NEU is a network of many schools around the nation who have adopted the philosophy that all students deserve to be prepared to attend college if he or she chooses to do so. We look forward to working with parents and our community in creating students with strong character as well as desire to go beyond High school and reach whatever goals they set for themselves. Our goal is to get students excited about good character and going to college. To do this our teachers have adopted Colleges in their classroom and expose students to the concept of college. At our level we will introduce and using the words throughout the year: College, Achieve, Career, Graduate and Goal. These are all ideas and concepts we need and want you as parents to encourage and get excited about as well. We have listed the Teachers and Colleges below and if you have any knowledge of ways to help get more exposure from any of the following schools, we would greatly appreciate your assistance. College Wednesday: Wednesday has been designated as College day throughout our district. Our staff will be wearing college shirts and we encourage students to do so as well. We often post pictures on our Facebook page of students wearing their college shirts with PRIDE! We also will have drawings for college prizes on College Wednesday. We look forward to continuing our partnership with parents and universities to be sure our kids are excited to learn and are ready for wherever life takes them, especially College!