• Like most Texas public school systems, Van ISD opens its doors for use by the public.  However, this community use of Van ISD facilities is a public service, in recognition of the communities contribution to the public schools.  District facilities are not automatically open for public use - by default, all school facilities are operated for school purposes and therefore are not public.  Exceptions to this general policy are created by school district policy and procedure.  We have designed a handbook to help community organizations and others understand the availability of District facilities, the regulations and cost for using them, and the expectations of Van ISD when making its facilities available for use by others.  The handbook is an integral part of any contract to rent or lease a District facility.

    General rules, processes, and policies are set forth in the handbook as well as specific matters related to particular facilities or uses.  Please read and review the handbook carefully and contact the appropriate Van ISD administrator if you have questions related to your planned use.

    STEP 1:  To request permission to rent district facilities, please complete a request and authorization form and submit to the superintendent's office.

    Facility Rental - Administrative Regulations
    Van ISD Facility Use Request and Authorization Form

    STEP 2:  Once the request has been approved, complete the contract for rental of property and submit it to the business department along with payment and a waiver and liability release form from each participant.

    Contract for Rental of Property
    Waiver and Liability Release